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EduOrb makes Education’s world so smart, it helps to learn smartly. So capable, it helps you in more personal ways. And so useful, it’s more powerful than existing education system.

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   Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why EduOrb is So Easy to Use ?

EduOrb is one kind of education systems archive where all reports will be stored forever for every account All account holders easily access their account from any kind of devices via web browser. Account holders don’t have to pay for the EduOrb services. Service is totally free. Organizations don’t have to use newspaper, channels, posters & other communication ways to communicate with teachers and students. Organizations can easily reach to teacher & students via EduOrb invitation feature & also promote their organization via posting to EduOrb news feeds. Besides coordinators can get job & earn money by teaching virtually from home by the help of EduOrb . Coordinators can build their career by promoting themselves via EduOrb. On the other side students can learn about the latest courses of the recent world easily from their home. Students can easily judge themselves by attending smart EduOrb exams & place them in world education’s merit ranking. Besides students can be introduced how to learn via online from smart education system

2. Why EduOrb is Education’s World ?

EduOrb connects three module in a single platform to achieve one particular goal. To make an world of education three modules have to be connected. One Community who stands to serve, another community stands to teach & on the other side another community stands to learn . World of education means a way to serve for teaching & learning. So Eduorb makes a way where an educational organization can show up availability & ability to teach and serve. It also talks for another community who are searching for job where they can teach & earn. Besides It can helps the learner community who are searching for something new to learn about the recent world.

3.Can Attend live Class with eduorb?

From next version the EduOrb community will going to add Live Class feature . Keep your eyes on EduOrb next updates !!
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